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The surgical aspects of treatment are carried out with a full-gowned protocol usually assisted by a colleague and running nurse. Most of the surgical treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia with intravenous sedation if indicated.

Intravenous sedation is carried out to Poswillo standards.

Day Stay and In-patient facilities are available if indicated and the general anaesthetic is administered by a fully qualified anaesthetist with admission to a private hospital.

The restorative phase is carried out at the Clinic. However, the restorative treatment can be carried out by the referring dentist at their own practice if they have attended a prosthetic course relating to the system they use.

Referring practitioners can carry out some restorative work under supervision without this prerequisite.

All laboratory work is carried out by technicians fully trained and experienced in dental implant technology.

Each case is fully documented within the notes and a full photographic record is undertaken.

Patients can be seen for treatment planning, surgical placement or complete treatment prior appointment. All patients remain under the care of their dental practitioner throughout the referral and return to them for their routine treatment. The initial consultation is aimed to evaluate patient suitability and they are given an approximate costing for any proposed implant treatment with discussion of alternatives.

Educational Facilities
Referring practitioners are always invited to participate in all aspects of treatment and in particular the treatment planning and restorative phases. It is recommended that some preliminary training is carried out prior to this and the Clinic can arrange specific teaching sessions for individual practitioners.

Implant Systems
Only international, evidence-based systems are used for implant treatment.

Dental Implant Plus follow-on insurance cover can be obtained from CIGNA HealthCare against accidental injury or failure.

Audit and Monitoring
Implants are monitored for osseointegration using resonance frequency analysis from placement to reconstruction. Thereafter they are audited for up to five years.

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