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Are some patients unsuitable for implants?
Yes. Problems can exist with available bone for implant placement. Many techniques are available for augmentation, but some patients can be unsuitable for this.

Implant failure rates are higher in heavy smokers and patients in this category need to be made aware of this.

Some patients may also be excluded on medical grounds.

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Are implants inserted under Local or General Anaesthetic?
In most cases, implants are placed under LA with or without intravenous sedation.

Some patients may opt for a GA and day stay facilities can be arranged.

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How are patients followed up?
Patients are seen as required during the duration of their treatment. They also have emergency on-call access. Following the completion of their treatment, patients are reviewed for up to 5 years on an annual basis by myself. All patients remain under the care of their General Dental Practitioner for routine treatment for the duration of the implant treatment and after.

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What role am I expected to play in their maintenance?
It is important that patients maintain a high standard of oral health if their implants are to perform successfully. The care provided by their practitioner is essential for this. All patients are asked to see their own dentist or hygienist for routine reviews and prophylaxis as required. Specific training can be given in this. I or my hygienist will be happy to see any patient for their implant maintenance if requested to do so.

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What are the success rates?
Implant treatments have been carried out for over thirty years and the success rates are high. The predictability of dental implants can reach 98%.

Failure rates in single tooth restorations after five years is less than 5% (Lindhe et al. 1998).

In contrast, 50% of conventional bridges will still be successful at 8 years (Walton et al. 1986).

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How will patients benefit from dental implants?
Patients experience increased chewing function and enhanced confidence by having secure teeth.

Placing implants in edentulous areas rather than a conventional bridge avoids the risks associated with the preparation of adjacent teeth.

Fixed restorations can be made possible with dental implants where there are no other means.

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Why is treatment so costly?
Successful and predictable implant dentistry requires time and the use of safe and bio-compatible components. Attention to detail is paramount in avoiding failures and this has a bearing on fees.

For the safeguard of the patient this clinic only uses international, evidence-based implant systems which have an established domestic and worldwide network of clinicians should support be required away from home.

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Can patients insure their implants?
All treatments carried out by Max Suleiman are eligible for Dental Implant Plus insurance cover from CIGNA HealthCare. This can cover against failure and accidental damage and trauma. Details are available to patients on request.
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