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Literature is available for patients. Please let me know if you require some of these.

The initial consultation is 30-45 minutes long and the fee includes any radiographs taken. Patients at this stage will receive an indication if they are suitable for treatment, approximate costs and discussion of alternative treatment which can be provided by the referring practitioner.

The initial consultation charge is currently £85.00

Professional Fees
The following costs are for guidance only. Each case needs to be individually planned and, following this, patients are given a full breakdown of the fees which are then fixed.

Approximate Costs
Single Tooth Replacement   £1900
Three Unit Bridge (2 implants)   £4200
Denture with 2 Retentive Anchors   £3800
Denture with Bar retention on 2 implants   £4500
Denture with Bar retention on 4 implants   £6500
Bone Grafting   £200 - £700
Cross-sectional Radiographs   £150 - £250
CT Scans   £375 - £500
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